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Get Cash For Your Annuity Payments

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A Case of Unretirement: Why Malcom Decided to Sell His Annuity

This case study is a hypothetical example of a customer experience, and is intended for illustration purposes only. The following story is based on a real-life situation. It is offered as just one example of circumstances that could lead someone to decide to sell annuity payments for cash.

Six months into his retirement, Malcolm reached a rather surprising conclusion about his life: he was miserable.

It was the last thing he ever expected. For over three decades, he had dreamed of a quiet and relaxing life with his wife, Judy. And yet, just half a year into that life of retirement, Malcolm felt like the walls were closing in around him.

Malcolm soon realized that he took great satisfaction in dispensing some of the wisdom he had learned over the course of his life to others. He took a teaching job at a nearby community college. Malcolm found that not only was the work remarkably satisfying, but he got paid as well. He wondered if he should sell his annuity payments for cash, and decided to research his options.

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Because Malcolm's financial situation was now changed, he realized that the annuities he funded over the years, which provided him a stable income from payments, simply weren't the investments that worked best for him anymore. He had another career now, one that could potentially last another 10 to 15 years. This meant he could invest money from his annuity payments for a longer-term and perhaps increase whatever inheritance he might pass on to his heirs.

Malcolm and Judy met with their financial advisor to discuss Malcolm's desire to sell his annuity and to look into annuity conversion options. "If you believe you will stay on this path," the advisor said, "There are adjustments to consider that may help you enlarge your estate." Malcolm was more certain of his desire to teach than ever and realized he simply was not ready to retire. And so, to readjust his portfolio, he would need liquidity for his annuity - in other words, he would need to sell his annuity payments for cash.

That's when Malcolm picked up the phone and called J.G. Wentworth.

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