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Get Cash For Your Annuity Payments

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An Expanding Business: Why Earl Decided to Sell His Annuity

This case study is a hypothetical example of a customer experience, and is intended for illustration purposes only. It is offered as just one example of circumstances that could lead someone to decide to sell annuity payments for cash.

Earl's upbringing was not privileged - but he never had any doubt that his parents loved him. They worked hard to provide for his education, and always planned well to take care of the family's future. Even when his father died five years ago, Earl was able to admire the planning his father had done to make sure his mother was financially secure for the rest of her life.

Things changed for Earl once his mother passed away. Earl found an annuity among her investments - a safe, dependable investment that was clearly set up by Earl's father years before. Earl realized he would inherit this annuity once the estate was sorted.

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And so Earl began to receive monthly annuity payments of $2,100 each. While these payments were nice, he soon realized that he was facing some unique financial challenges to which he could potentially put that annuity money to good use. He had his own business - a physical therapy practice - that gave him a good living but one he also wanted to grow for his family. He wanted to expand the business by adding another 1,500 square feet, buying new equipment, and hiring more part-time physical therapists.

Earl realized that if he could somehow access some of the principal of the annuity he inherited - which was valued at around $250,000 - instead of simply waiting for the annuity's monthly payments, he could fund his expansion. He contacted his financial advisor, who said the transaction was possible, and told Earl of the one company he knew that could help Earl sell annuity payments for a lump sum of cash.

Which is when Earl picked up the phone and called J.G. Wentworth.

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