Get Cash for Your Annuity Payments

Get Cash For Your Annuity Payments

Contact one of our representatives today to find out more about the cash in your fixed annuities that you may not have realized is available, but which you may need to meet your financial goals.

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Sell Your Annuity FAQ

Q: What do you do if you are stuck with an annuity and want cash now?

A: Financial situations can easily change over time. Hardships or opportunities can arise that take a lump sum of cash to work through. You can sell your annuity and put the money to whatever use you want.

Q: Why should I sell my annuities if they are highly regarded as an additional stream of income?

A: Each seller's situation differs widely and those differences call for individual solutions. Only you know what works best for you. Selling an annuity is a good choice for many sellers because it provides cash flow for the short term, and allows them to overcome financial hurdles that may not have existed when the annuity was set up.

Q: Is it legal to get cash for my annuity payments?

A: Yes. Selling your future annuity payments is completely legal and within your rights in the United States. However, there are some instances when an annuity purchaser cannot do so. In order to find out if your annuity qualifies for purchase, call an authorized J.G. Wentworth representative at 1-877-227-4129. J.G. Wentworth's qualified representatives can help you identify what options will work best for your individual situation.

Q: How long does it take to sell my annuity?

A: The process is different for everyone, but with the proper paperwork we can provide you a quote in just a few minutes. Please call J.G. Wentworth at 1-877-227-4129 to receive a free, no-obligation overview from our trained staff. Or, simply take a second to fill out the Free Quote form and a representative will contact you shortly.

Q: How do I pick a good company to sell my annuity to?

A: There are many companies out there to work with. However, J.G. Wentworth brings a high level of experience and professionalism to the table for annuity purchases. J.G. Wentworth is one of the largest purchasers of future payments in the United States.